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Tonkin DEER MUSK NAFA OIL مسك غزال Moschus Misk Kasturi Jinko 12ML 麝香鹿 آهوی

DearMusk Artisan

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TONKIN DEER MUSK NAFA OIL مسك غزال Moschus Misk Kasturi Jinko 12ML 麝香鹿 آهوی>  

Tonkin Deer Musk Nafa Oil, perfumery grade at its best. Truly an old forgotten extraction method rediscovered, gives the Devine musk smell.

Most people will not like the musk smell bought these days as its extracted in improperly, producing the unbearable foul smell, then it's mixed with other ingredients to reduce the foul smell and the musk smell is lost.

When extracted properly, the musk oil produced will give an unforgettable pheromones scent, that will not go unnoticed by people around you.

The actual Tonkin Deer Musk Kasturi oil we have it comes from a solid Jinko Natural Deer Musk pod/grains in the Deer male gland (naaf), by grinding it and mixing it with a high quality carrier oil, usually a mix of Mysore Sandalwood Oil, with 90% to 95% tonkin deer musk grains extracts and 5% to 10% high quality sandal oil. This oil we have is made in the very old school traditional way, which is 90-95% Tonkin Deer Musk/Kasturi Jinko, 5-10% premium Mysore Sandalwood.

Polite Note: If you do not fully understand the Arabian Perfumes, then please do not buy it. Kindly only purchase if you are 100% sure as these are Specialty Ltd Edition Perfumes for Arabian Perfume Lovers.

*Tonkin Deer Musk is extracted from the musk glands/pods of the male musk deer. This natural Deer Musk is acquired using ecological techniques on special ranches without damaging the glands and without destroying the animals.*

The extraction of this oil is 100% ethical as it’s our responsibility and duty to make sure no animal or creature is killed, harmed or hurt in the process. The musk deer is considered like a treasure to the farmers and people in this line of work. Thus, all necessary care and attention are given in the extraction of the musk pod which is done by an expert vet or a doctor specialized in this work.

You are buying 12ml of natural Tonkin Deer Musk/Kasturi oil.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Hang N Le
The tonquin deer musk oil shipped are huge different from listing pictures.

I purchased three bottles (12ml each) of Tonquin Deer Musk oil. The actual oil I received is dark brown in color, but it does not have the beautiful transparent amber appearance shown in the listing pictures. I contacted Dearmusk, and they explained that there were different versions of Tonquin deer musk oils which may vary from batch to batch. While their response did not fully satisfy me, I must commend their excellent customer service. Malik, the shop owner, offered to send me a small bottle (3ml) of Tonquin deer musk which promised to match the quality described in the listing at no additional cost after I reported the problem to him. Malik also offered to send a small oil sample (0.01 ml) of my choice as a gift.

Unfortunately, the small bottle (3ml) he sent me the second time was exactly the same as the 3 bottles (12ml) I received previously. Nevertheless, I still appreciated his efforts to resolve the issue, even though it was not resolved to my satisfaction.

Their exceptional customer service has earned my trust to consider returning for other products, but I will not purchase deer musk oils from this shop again since the products were significantly different from their listing pictures. I wish I could upload a picture of the dark brown Tonquin deer musk oil bottles that I received.

Outstanding Experience!♥️
It's our great pleasure to serve you!
Much appreciated your honest feedback remarks. We hope to serve you even better next time.✅
Thank you very much!

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