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12ml Royal Amber Shamama Exclusive Perfume Oil by Ajmal - TOP SELLER!🥇


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An Exclusive Popular Arabian Perfume Oil from the world renowned Ajmal brand. 

Amber is a global perfume oil, well known for its strong, and high quality fragrance and as this is a concentrated high class quality fragrance oil is all you need is a few drops on and can last for days unlike other perfumes where you have to re-apply.

Fragrance notes:

Amber Shamama is famous attar well known for its depth and complexity that can only be compared to agarwood oil.

Such a deep aroma is achieved by combining many different herbs and spices such as patchouli, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood and more. With age the aroma gets deeper and more complex.

This amber by Ajmal has highly aged, deep aroma with mysterious and complex notes of mentioned herbs and spices.

Fragrance Volume: 12ML

Manufacturer: Ajmal (made in U.A.E) (ORIGINAL & GENUINE)



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