2nd part of Invoice for 12x 1ml Samples as discussed via Whatsapp..

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Hi there,

Here's the custom invoice for 12x 1ml Samples as discussed over Whatsapp today. 

Order details:

1. Premium Himalayan Deer Musk Attar Oil
2. Premium Nepalese Deer Musk Attar Oil
3. 25 Years Old Thick Thai Royal King Supreme Thailand Finest Aged Agarwood Oud Oil 
4. Ajmal: Eternal Oudh Mukhallat
5. AGED Kalakassi Aoud Oil | 75 Years Old Indian
6. Crassna Aoud Oil Perfume Oil By Abdul Samad Al
7. 25 Years Old/Aged - Vietnam Thriple A Royal King Agarwood Oudh Oil - Premium A+ Grade
8. Pure SUPERIOR SWEET Non-Alcoholic Top-Quality Dark Thick Intense Black Premium Oud Oil
9. Highest A+ Premium Grade Pure Wild Assam Oudh/Oud - 15yrs Old/Aged/Matured
10. Authentic CASHMERE DEER MUSK by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (ASQ) | 50 Yrs Aged
11. 25 Years Old Supreme Cambodian Royal King Agarwood Oudh Oil
12. Patchouli

Total cost including Special Exclusive Discount= $150 

Please kindly confirm order once paid.✔️