Purest Natural Deer Musk Nafa/Kasturi Kijang Strong Intense Aroma Oil - 6ML


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Purest Nafa/Kasturi Kijang / Musk Deer Oil
(Pure - No Mix with ether)
Use for ritual, meditation, or aroma for talisman and amulet 
remove plastic at inside bottle before use
Volume : 6ml
Weight : ± 30 gram included bottle!
Quantity : 1 Bottle
The actual Deer Musk Kasturi oil we have it comes from a solid Kijang Natural Deer Musk pod/grains in the Deer male gland (naaf), by grinding it and mixing it with a high quality carrier oil, usually a mix of Mysore Sandalwood and hints of Patchouli Rose Oil, with 70% to 80% deer musk nafa extracts and 20% to 30% high quality natural carrier oil. This oil we have is made in the very old school traditional way, which is about 70-80% Deer Musk Nafa/Kasturi, 10-20% Patchouli Rose Oil and 10-20% Authentic Premium Mysore Sandalwood.

The extraction of this oil is 100% ethical as it’s our responsibility and duty to make sure no animal or creature is killed, harmed or hurt in the process. The musk deer is considered like a treasure to the farmers and people in this line of work. Thus, all necessary care and attention are given in the extraction of the musk pod which is done by an expert vet or a doctor specialized in this work.

Note: Deer Musk is extracted from the musk glands/pods of the male musk deer. This natural Deer Musk is acquired using ecological techniques on special ranches without damaging the glands and without destroying the animals.*


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