Purest Natural Deer Musk Kasturi Kijang Strong Intense Aroma Oil - 6ML


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Purest Kasturi Kijang / Musk Deer Oil
(Pure - No Mix with ether)
Use for ritual, meditation, or aroma for talisman and amulet 
remove plastic at inside bottle before use
Volume : 6ml
Weight : ± 30 gram included bottle!
Quantity : 1 Bottle
The actual Deer Musk Kasturi oil we have it comes from a solid Kijang Natural Deer Musk pod/grains in the Deer male gland (naaf), by grinding it and mixing it with a high quality carrier oil, usually a mix of Mysore Sandalwood and light Patchouli Oil, with 70% to 80% musk and 20% to 30% high quality natural carrier oil. This oil we have is made in the very old school traditional way, which is about 70-80% Deer Musk/Kasturi, 10-20% Patchouli Oil and 10-20% authentic Mysore Sandalwood.


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