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White Musk Tahara (Made in K.S.A) Touch of Coolness - Pure White Musk 12ML🥇

DearMusk Signature Blend

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This "White Musk" oil or "Musk Tahara" by (darulmisk) is a very popular fragrance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!
Musk Al Tahara cream contains goodness of Vitamin E and Glycerin. It helps softens and improves skin quality. Cream Musk Al Tahara is made of pure White Musk. Regular use keeps your skin moisturized and prevents body odor. It has a very sweet and attractive fragrance.
Specially made for women! Must try it to believe it!

Ideal usage is after a shower/bath and while the body is slightly damp.

Musk Tahara (مسك الطهارة) is more than just a perfume; it's an experience. Its creamy, lotion-type consistency indulges the skin with every use, making it much more luxurious than a conventional perfume spray.

The powdery white musk fragrance is also more potent than conventional perfumes, as it's never diluted with water and alcohol. Every drop lets you delight in the scents of floral notes, warm vanilla and white musk.

A favorite in the East, Musk Tahara Perfume Oil appeals to both men and women alike. Get yourself a bottle now and see why it's such a sensation.

White Musk Tahara is natural cleansing oil and the benefits are:
- It purifies soul
- It reduces secretions
- It stops odors
- It eliminates irritations
- it eliminates aftershave bump
- It dignifies heart
- It enhances pleasure

How to Use?

Suggested Usage:
This is used directly on skin, behind the ears, and on the neck; in a small amount. This scent also lasts very well on the skin.



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