Al Rehab BLACK Musk Oil Perfume Wild Deer Musk Base Roll-on 3ml


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Item Description:
Loose perfume oil from Al-Rehab. 3ML (0.1oz), Roll-on seal, easy to use.
Black Musk from Saudi Arabia is widely considered to be the best, was prepared according to old recipes, use Wild Deer Musk as base note, enrich with amber spicy sweet and woody.
Long-lasting, Alcohol Free (New arrival batch, we changed refilled bottle lid for easy storage management, Quality are same as usual.)
Depths of sweet rich black, smell a bit mint, musk, floral and very sophisticated. For the one knows it only. Might feel it too strong for first time to try it out.
About Base Note Deer Musk (contains about 30%) 
Good deer musk is of a dark purplish color, dry, smooth and unctuous to the touch, and bitter in taste. The grain of musk will distinctly scent millions of cubic feet of air without any appreciable loss of weight, and its scent is not only more penetrating but more persistent than that of any other known substance. In addition to its odoriferous principle, it contains ammonia, cholesterol, fatty matter, a bitter resinous substance, and other animal principles.
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