Pure White Oud Oil 12ml by DearMusk ArtisanšŸ„‡

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Pure White Oud Oil 12ml by DearMusk ArtisanšŸ„‡Ā 

About White Oudh Attar:

White Oudh is a truly exciting fragrance, this perfume will last for hours and you will get pestered with requests for a little sample. After trying some of this pefume oil you will never look back again at Western perfumes. This perfume has some oud content, but doesn't have the distinct oudh fragrance, as it has been mellowed down with other ingredients. Perfect for the beginner to the oudh world or the novice. This is a very addictive fragrance

A long-lasting oil with dry and powdery chords that gradually develops into a heart of warm, earthy and spicy smoke. A complex and sophisticated depth brought by the wood.


Top notes:Ā fresh-spicy (cardamom, juniperberry), herbaceous (lavender, rosemary)
Middle notes:Ā floral (rose, lily, geranium), cashmere wood, leathery
Base notes:Ā woody, oudh, sandal, cedarwood, musky, ambery, mossy, slightly balsamic

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