Purest Rare Bengali Royal Supreme Oudh Distilled in Purified Mineral Water - Premium Grade A+ 3ML🥇


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We have come to the conclusion that the strongest and most long lasting Oudh oils are those that are distilled using the water distillation method, some of the Oud oils sold on our site are distilled in this manner using gas to heat the 'deg' or 'stills', this oil was sourced from a traditional distiller that is still using wood as the fuel to heat the stills, in a remote village on the borders of India, where gas and electricity lines still haven't arrived, the result of using a wood fuel is astonishing, it brings a mild woodiness that is very appealing, whilst killing off any fecal notes that remain when using gas as the fuel. We won't go into the costs, work & skills required to manually maintain a constant temperature whilst distilling Agarwood, it may be selfish, but we hope that gas lines don't reach the village of this traditional distiller any time soon.

Almost all Indian oud oils or gaharu are different in one way or another, some are truly hateful (to all but a few) like the Pure Indian Oudh, whilst others are simply adorable like the Assam Black. Bengal Oud Supreme has a scent profile that falls under the Indian oud category without the barnyard element and has a woodiness similarto Borneo Oud oils, with a rich sweetness that develops with time, especially on the skin. The Bengal Oud Supreme is completely devoid of fecal notes, the only animalic aspect found in the oil is a soft leathery note that is very appealing.

This Oud has a remarkable sharpness, hints of fresh coffee beans and a moist earthiness that will remind you of an Irian.

Most people use Indian Oud solely for meditation and private enjoyment. Wearing it in public is usually unthinkable. If you have been searching for an oud oil of the Indian genre that you could wear as a fragrance in public and not worry about what others are thinking, the Bengal Oud Supreme may be just what you were looking for!

Why not try an Oudh like it has been used for centuries prior to the discovery of gas as a fuel. This has got us wondering what Oud distilled using electric heat smells like!

This is the longest lasting Oud oil we have come across, will be weeks before the fragrance goes from clothing (coats etc), we are talking about a tiny drop of this oil. Amazing!

Content: 3ml
Hydro-Distillation Method: Purified Mineral Water
Bottle: 3ml Glass Bottle, similar to the bottle pictured.




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